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How To Deal With Depression


Hello, my name is Isaac Benson and in this blog post I’m going to help you stop feeling depressed without the use of depression drugs. Hopefully, But what I’m going to do with this blog post is not teach you something or give you more knowledge or give you something to practice. I’m going to show you, help you discover for yourself that the cause of your depression isn’t true. Guess i got you smiling already, but hopefully by the end of the class, not only will that make sense but you will be feeling a significant amount of relief or much more peaceful. If that interests you, if you want to give that a shot, you’re welcome! Because in the end you we find yourself smiling and feeling a huge relieve.

How To Deal With Depression

Depression is a range of feelings
The first thing is, when we feel depressed, we tend to have the phrasing or terminology of “I’m depressed. I’m clinically depressed. I am totally depressed. I am severely depressed. But is it true, that you are depressed?
Well, there’s a range of feelings. You may feel pressure on your chest, a feeling in your stomach. You may feel sad. You may feel lonely. You may feel worthless. You may feel unworthy, unlikable, incomplete,  frustrated, lacking, ashamed, no energy, no motivation. Even good events such as starting a new job, graduating, or getting married can lead to depression. So can moving, losing a job or income, getting divorced, or retiring.
Other personal problems. Problems such as social isolation due to other mental illnesses or being cast out of a family or social group can lead to depression.
Serious illnesses. Sometimes depression co-exists with a major illness or is a reaction to the illness.
Substance abuse. Nearly 30% of people with substance abuse problems also have major or clinical depression.
– something along those lines. What you have in this moment is a feeling or a set of feelings, a combination of feelings. That’s what you have right now. It’s not that you are depressed. You are experiencing a set of feelings. That’s what’s going on, right? If you diagnosed of Malaria, it’s not as though you are Malaria, you have it. You have the feelings associated with Malaria or being sick. You have the internal mechanisms going on with the Malaria, it’s not like that’s who you are.

Can Certain Drugs Cause Depression?

In certain people, drugs may lead to depression. For example, medications such as barbiturates, benzodiazepines, and beta-blockers have been associated with depression, especially in older people. Likewise, medications such as corticosteroids, opioids (codeine, morphine), and anticholinergics taken to relieve stomach cramping have been found to cause mania, which is a highly elated state associated with bipolar disorder.

What’s the Link Between Depression and Chronic Illness?

In some people, a chronic illness causes depression. A chronic illness is an illness that lasts for a very long time and usually cannot be cured completely. However, chronic illnesses can often be controlled through diet, exercise, lifestyle habits, and certain medications. Some examples of chronic illnesses that may cause depression are diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, kidney disease, HIV/AIDS, lupus, and multiple sclerosis (MS). Hypothyroidism may also lead to depressed feelings.

Look For The Signs Of Depression.

If you haven’t already sought help for your depression, it’s vital that you do so and don’t try to go through this alone. There are many common symptoms associated with depression. If you identify with one or more of those listed below, i hope reading this blog post we be helpful. Signs of depression includes:
An inability to function normally in everyday life.
Inability to enjoy activities you once loved, such as reading, playing video games, drawing, etc.
Lethargy, fatigue, and the feeling that doing things takes a lot of your energy.
Persistent sadness, including fits of crying either uncontrollably or being set off easily, feelings of anxiety or emptiness.
Feeling blue, sad, and down over a period of at least two weeks.
Feelings of worthlessness, self-blame and a lack of self esteem.
Sleeping a large more or less than usual, or experiencing insomnia.
Unusual weight gain or loss, overeating or appetite loss.
Finding thinking or concentrating difficult, “foggy” thinking, inability to make clear decisions or forgetfulness.
Pessimism, or feeling a sense that life is hopeless, pointless and futile. This may even lead to a feeling of numbness, being irritable or restless a great deal of the time, Suicidal thoughts, thoughts about dying, or attempts at suicide.

You Are Not A Depressed Person
Depression is not who you are, it is simply a feeling, maybe a very strong feeling, but it is a feeling that you experience rather than who you are. And that distinction is very important because as long as you think “I am depressed”, there’s nothing you can do about it,you we always feel as though you depressed. But when you recognise “It’s a feeling that I experience”, then we can begin to investigate and identify that feeling a little bit.

Depression Is A Feeling Created Or A Function Of Your  Thoughts:
In any moment that you stop and think about what’s wrong with you, about what’s bad in your life, or about how bad your situation is, feelings of depression will instantly show up. Just take a moment now to think about how bad your life is and how bad something is wrong with you or whatever story tends to be going on in your mind all the time on repeat that corresponds with a certain feeling in your body. Notice how as soon as the thought pops up, as soon as you give attention to that story, the feelings occur. Depression occurs, right? If feelings of depression instantly occur as soon as we start thinking, and instantly disappear as soon as we are distracted from thoughts, then our depression must be created by thinking.

You Don’t Control What Thoughts Enter Your Mind:
When we believe stories in our mind, when we give attention to these negative stories about ourselves and our life, it creates depression. Depression only means something about you if you have control over these thoughts and whether you believe that them and give attention to them. But do you pick what thoughts enter your mind? Take a moment to really look. Don’t tell me what you were trained to believe “I control my thoughts. I can make them good”.

Look at your actual direct experience. Do you pick what thoughts enter your mind? If you did, why would you put negative thoughts there? Ultimately, all you want is peace. That’s what you want to be happy. If you control your thoughts, then if negative thoughts keep coming up, you must have picked them. Look, do you go into a bucket and say, “I’d like to put that thought in my head next – I’m terrible. I’d like to put that thought in there – I am unworthy”? No, those thoughts just show up out of nowhere.

You are watching TV or eating, then a thought just pops up.
Look right now, what’s the next thought that will pop up in your head? Did you pick it? Did you make an effort to put it there or did it just show up? You don’t pick what thoughts enter your mind. Nobody does. I don’t. I never met anyone in all of my sessions or in all the emails that I ever got that someone picks the thoughts that enter their mind. Nobody controls that.

You Don’t Control What Thoughts You Believe And Give Attention To:
After a thought enters your mind, the next stage is we believe it. We automatically believe every thought that enters our mind. If you had control over whether you believe the thoughts that enter your mind, you just wouldn’t believe the negative ones because they create suffering or torments you. It would be very simple if we controlled what thoughts we believe. Obviously, you don’t control that.

Depression keeps being created because we keep giving attention to the same stories over and over again, right? Every time you’re just sitting there eating by yourself or going for a walk or sitting in your car or right before you’re lying in bed ready to go to sleep, you tell the same stories over and over again in your head, you bring the pictures life again up in your head, right? Why do you keep giving attention to the same stories? If you controlled what thoughts you give attention to, you would just stop giving attention to all those stories that create suffering or torments you. Yet you can’t stop doing it. That means you’re not in control. It’s not up to you. You don’t pick what thoughts you give attention to.
You may want to think, “I have the power. I can do it”, but what’s the truth? What’s your direct experience in life? Your direct experience is that you can’t control what thoughts you believe and what thoughts you give attention to. The evidence of this is because you feel depressed over again.

You Are Not To Blame For Your Feelings Of Depression:
If you don’t control what thoughts pop up in your mind, if you don’t control whether you believe them or not, if you don’t control whether you give attention to them or not, then you’re not to blame for the feelings they create. You’re not to blame for the depression it creates. Depression signifies nothing about you, its not who you are, nothing at all. It doesn’t signify that you’re weak or stupid.

I come across people with strong intellects or weak intellects as the case may be that are feeling depressed. I meet people who are successful or failures (according to society), who feel depressed. I meet people who are loved by many who are depressed and people who don’t have anyone who are depressed, people who are married with kids, people who are single. There is no indication of “worth” that corresponds with depression. Nothing.

Depression doesn’t mean anything about you. All it means is that you are believing and giving attention to negative thoughts. That is all. It doesn’t mean anything about you. It doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you. Nothing.
Now that we see that you are not depressed, it’s just a feeling. And then we see that that depression is created by thoughts and that you are not to blame for them, it means that you aren’t bad, you aren’t weak or missing something because you’re depressed. So we need to critically investigate the thoughts that are making feel depressed, what are the thoughts we allow entrance into our hearts and mind that leaves us feeling sad and in pain…When we are able to investigate them and realise it is not who we are, then we start feeling a great sign of relief from our depressed state.

Thank you for reading this blog post and it will interest me to know that the post was helpful.
Please i like to ask what your thoughts are or opinion as regards this topic, i may be wrong or right,depending on what your views are.

I we appreciate it if you can share with me your experiences so that others can benefit from your wealth of experience. Please do not fail to contact me on further discussions tailored to your needs



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